20 APIs in 20 Days: The Hooks API and Custom Modules


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Ask someone what a 'hook' is, and their answer can tell you quite a lot about the person. The word gets used to describe things related to pirates, music, characters in campfire stories, aeronautics, etc. The word also has a specific meaning in programming, however, and serves as an important structural concept in most modern programming languages and frameworks.

Most Drupal developers are well acquainted with Drupal's hook system. Hooks are triggers that operate when certain events occur in the page generation process. They are capable of modifying data while it is being processed and carrying out other actions in response to certain conditions. Some of the more common hooks operate when a node loads, when a form is generated, or when someone saves user information. This part of the 20 APIs in 20 Days series provides an overview of the nature of hooks and how they operate as the foundation of most custom modules. Read More >>>