Announcing: Training at Drupalcon Copenhagen, August 23rd


This is a message for everyone attending Drupalcon Copenhagen.

Trellon will be holding a training workshop called Drupal Fundamentals: Building a Collaborative Development Environment. This is the same training we have provided to some of our larger organizational clients, and the first time we are making it available to a public audience. Read More >>>

20 APIs in 20 Days: Remember to Bring Your Tokens


This post is an entry in our 20 APIs in 20 Days series. Learn more about how best practices lead to sustainable development at

Often, the most important part of a website is the users of the site itself. They are unique individuals who form the basis of thriving communities. It's vital to support users by delivering content in predictable and personalized ways. Read More >>>

20 APIs in 20 Days: The Forms API


This post is an entry in our 20 APIs in 20 Days series. Learn more about how best practices lead to sustainable development at

There's not much that has not been said about Drupal's Forms API, and it can be a challenging concept for developers who are used to working with other platforms. Any series talking about the underlying framework would be incomplete without some discussion of how it is used.

The Forms API in Drupal provides developers with a way to dynamically construct, modify and secure forms on your web sites. Instead of writing out the markup for individual form elements, developers define a form through an array that instructs Drupal on how to assemble the form and present it to users. The Forms API also tells Drupal how to validate form submissions and what to do with any data being received.

The real power of the API, however, lies in the fact that custom modules can modify forms as they are being generated. Developers can create new fields, provide additional validation conditions, and handle form submissions dynamically. This kind of extensibility is unique to Drupal, and represents a very different pattern for designing web applications. Read More >>>

Internet, the Trellonaut has Landed


When I was asked to write a blog post about myself I was surprised. Who doesn't know me? However, I figured that some may be uninitiated and figured it would be good idea to fill everyone in.

I'm Kyle Cunningham, Trellon's newest developer, master chef and mad scientist. While I am excited by the cooking opportunities, I'm even more excited about developing awesome websites, the likes of which Trellon is already well known for. It's an illustrious
reputation to live up to so I've supplied a brief history of myself: