Trellon sessions in Drupalcon's Chicago final day


Yesterday, Trellon had a great day here in Chicago, and we're very happy to announce another great line-up of Trellon sessions today.

We'll be hosting a BoF where Kyle Cunningham will get In Depth with Haml, Sass and Peroxide in the Arkansas Room starting at 1:00pm. This will be a followup to his session yesterday. Read More >>>

Trellon presentations at Drupalcon Chicago


Today is an exciting day for the Trellon Team at Drupalcon Chicago!

We'll be hosting a BoF on our recent developments with the Salsa module in the Huron Room starting at 11:00am.

After that, at 2:15pm Kyle Cunningham will talk about Haml, Sass and Peroxide, in the Chicago 10 room. Read More >>>

The features module


A Drupal site is composed of many parts, often similar to a puzzle. Just like a puzzle, you need to be able to control the pieces at any time. In the software development world, where software exists in the form of source code files, this is handled by a version-control system (such as CVS, Subversion or git - naming just the ones we use for Trellon). By using a VCS, you're able to check-in and check-out all the PHP files that make up Drupal and all the contrib and custom-made modules that compose a site. Read More >>>

Upgrading modules to Drupal 7

By João Ventura | Filed Under: coder, Drupal, modules, upgrade

With the recent release of Drupal 7, the community should now focus on upgrading existing Drupal 6 modules to Drupal 7.

Having already upgraded the print module from 4.7 to Drupal 5, and from that to Drupal 6, I can tell you that this time the process will be both harder and easier.

A lot harder

Drupalcamp Ireland


Three weeks ago, I attended the 6th Drupalcamp Ireland along with Martin Hrabovcin and Michael Haggerty. Together, we were there representing Trellon, which was a proud sponsor of the event.

Drupalcamp Ireland was held on the Trinity College campus over a weekend. Over 70 Drupalists showed up, and there were more than 20 sessions, ranging from introductory Drupal 101 to an advanced Drupal Security talk by a member of Drupal's security team.

It was an interesting time to be in Ireland, as the IMF probably arrived in the same planes as we did, but that didn't affect the mood of the Irish Drupal Community. Read More >>>