BDUG March Meetup: Review

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The Berkeley Drupal User Group's March meeting was a week and a half ago, but I'm still thinking about it, and now, in the "better late than never" spirit, I'm writing about it. Read More >>>

Dependency Browser Module - Enabling your Drupal Fix


Whenever I need to implement a custom feature for a Drupal site, I always check the module repository to see if someone has already written a module that does the same thing. This can be difficult, since the number of modules has exploded in recent years and the infrastructure for browsing them has not caught up (though the redesign project has noticed this and is discussing some great improvements). But that might be a ways away so in the mean time I've whipped together one new way of browsing modules with this nifty little Module Dependency Browser for Drupal. Read More >>>

Debugging Drupal with MacGDBp

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Confession time. I don't use an IDE (Integrated Development Enviroment) for Drupal development. Sometimes, I kind of wish I did because having all of the development tools in one place is great; but all of the IDEs I've tried for my platform (I'm a OS X user) try to change the way I work, lack key PHP features, or are incredibly slow. And I really like TextMate. Thankfully I've found a great PHP debugger for OS X called MacGDBp and, at least for me, the chances of switching to an IDE continue to dwindle. Read More >>>

Keeping Up with the Joneses: Activity Aggregation in Drupal


Facebook's newsfeed feature introduced social network users to continuous updates of news about the goings-on in the lives of their friends and contacts. Activity aggregators have turned out to be a pretty useful feature for social networking sites, and can even be a little addictive when done right. Most sites that bill themselves as a social or professional network now have some kind of newsfeed, friend feed, lifestream or other feed. Read More >>>

Teleport 1.0 Released

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I've just released version 1.0 of the Teleport module. Teleport is "QuickSilver for Drupal", but if you don't know what QuickSilver is, that's not going to tell you much. Basically, Teleport lets you quickly jump to a page on your Drupal site by typing in part of the path or the title. It saves me a ton of time when jumping around to administration pages that are nested two or three levels deep. See an example in the screencast.

Since the beta release, I've fixed a few bugs and added the ability to search path aliases. I thought that searching paths was important enough that it had to be included in a 1.0 release. Read More >>>