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Agile Design Techniques - Video Is Live

Trellon presented a session about Agile design techniques at Drupalcon Los Angeles which was very well received. Over 100 people were in attendance to hear Blake Maples, Mike Haggerty and Jake Tooman talk about the way we introduced Agile design within Trellon and made it work for the groups we serve.

Slides from the presentation are available at the following URL:

Introducing the Redesigned

Trellon's new website is now live. 

Sure is funny to think how time changes things. The last time we redesigned our website in 2009, desktop widgets / gadgets were a thing, Drupal 6 was just becoming stable enough for everyday use, and we had been debating whether to make a mobile version of the site (and decided not to, because 90% of people back then were not using mobile phones to browse the web.) The Internet is a very different place these days, and it's been time for a redesign for a while now.

Drupal Do-Gooders Event to Benefit Aaron Winborn, May 20, Portland

For those of you attending Drupalcon this month - you have good taste! Show exactly how good it is by joining us for a special event to benefit the trust of Aaron Winborn, a long time Drupal contributor who has been fighting ALS for some time now.

This event is on May 20, 2013, it starts at 4:30 and will be held at the offices of EcoTrust. Their address is as follows:

721 Northwest 9th Avenue
Portland, OR 97208

To attend, you can register here:

Drupal and Feature Portability

How do you build a feature that is going to work on any Drupal website? The question is more complex than it seems, and there is an important discussion going on around it in the Drupal community. It's playing out in a number of different areas where smaller groups of developers seek to leverage features as a tool for sharing functionality, and this issue is going to have an impact on the way people think about building websites over time.

CRM Core Documentation is Live

The documentation for CRM Core has been updated on Now that the module has achieved a stable version, we have updated most of the information available about how to use it.

Go check it out.

The CRM Core handbook contains information on the following topics:


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