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Alan and Alan, Welcome to the Team

I would like to welcome a few new members to Team Trellon as permanent additions to our development unit.

We are fortunate enough to be adding not one, but two people named Alan in a single month. That is probably not a record, but it is nice to only have to learn one name. The similarities don't end there, however, and we are happy to be having two technolgists with a serious commitment to the open source community coming on board.

Javascript Compression

I have been seeing a lot of AJAX-enabled Drupal sites that are not using JavaScript compression lately, and have been wondering how many people actually know how to use it. JavaScript compression has been around for a while, but the concept is still new for some people. The technology allows you to compress the size of JavaScript files in various ways to reduce download time, bandwidth and execution time on client browsers. While it is not always necessary if bandwidth or file size is not a big concern, large scripts can take much longer to execute unless they are compressed.


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