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Drupalcamp Chicago is Go!

Drupalcamp Chicago is coming up this weekend, October 24 & 25 at the University of Illinois, Chicago. Over 140 Drupal programmers and themers are going to be holding sessions on Drupal topics ranging from getting started with the platform to advanced Drupal 6 techniques with new modules. There are going to be some heavyweights in attendance - the registration list includes eaton, KarenS, Matt Butcher, and other big names in the Drupal community.

All's Quiet on Trellon's Blog

There's been relative quiet on the Trellon blog for the past few weeks, in part because we have been so busy. I guess it goes with along the game, but something that always gets to me is the idea that our little social media firm has to hunker down so much when proposals, travel, taxes, and the administrivia of running a company take precedence over other aspects of the company's operations.

Xapian Search for Drupal

Here at Trellon, clients come to us all the time to looking for solutions for making knowledge more accessible through their web sites. Given that search features are a primary tool for exposing data and that the performance of Drupal's search engine is less than optimal in certain situations, we developed a module that replaces Drupal's native search features with the Xapian search engine. And here's why we did it.



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