Customizing Apachesolr facets built by FacetAPI with the power of CTools


The Apachesolr module (7.x) allows us to build sites that use powerful search technology. Besides being blazingly fast, Apachesolr has another advantage: faceted search.

Faceted search allows our search results to be filtered by defined criteria like category, date, author, location, or anything else that can come out of a field. We call these criteria facets. With facets, you can narrow down your search more and more until you get to the desired results.

Sometimes, however, the standard functionality is not enough. You might want or need to customize the way that facets work. This is controlled by Facet API. Unfortunately there is not much documentation for Facet API, and the API can be difficult to understand.

This post will change that!

In this post, you will learn how to use FacetAPI to create powerful custom faceted searches in Drupal 7. I will take a look at the UI of the module as well as its internals, so that we can define our own widgets, filters, and dependencies using some cool ctools features. Read More >>>

Integrating Views and Apache Solr (apachesolr_views)


Apache Solr integration with drupal is already a well-known way to boost search functionality on Drupal, either by increasing performance or by the flexibility provided for the search pages and results. It has introduced faceted search in a very organic fashion, and there is little doubt about its popularity. It can even be found in use on Drupal's official community site . Read More >>>

Apache Solr and Drupal Default's Search


This is my first official Trellon blog post! It's been a good first few weeks. I have had a chance to work on some exciting projects. One of which involved using the awesome ApacheSolr Drupal Module which adds support for much better search performance and faceted search. Read More >>>