CRM Core Donation - Creating Online Donation Forms in Drupal


Last week, we rolled out the first major feature for CRM Core, called CRM Core Donation. It's available for download now from You can also download an install profile with CRM Core Donation pre-configured, along with sample forms and data to play around with.

This is exciting news. The promise of CRM Core has always been to have small, useful applications that extend it's basic functionality in interesting ways. Executing on that vision has taken a lot of work, but it's yielding some great results in terms of new ways to work with information about people in Drupal.

We now have a video explaining the basics of setting up online donation functionality in your Drupal website. Read More >>>

New CRM Core Releases, and What to Expect

By Michael Haggerty | Filed Under: CRM, CRM Core, Drupal

Today, Trellon released new versions of CRM Core and CRM Core Profile. Both of these modules include new features that are important for anyone looking to build modules that use CRM Core as a backend for storing contact information.

These releases are part of our Garden Party roadmap, as part of the 'Live Music' stage. They are for site builders and developers looking to build modules and features that expand upon CRM Core's basic capabilities. With them, you have some more powerful tools for working with contact records stored in your Drupal site, and they include some usability enhancements based on feedback we received as part of the 0.91 release of CRM Core.

I wanted to share a little about what you will find, and why it is important. Read More >>>

CRM Core Documentation is Live

By Michael Haggerty | Filed Under: CRM, CRM Core, Drupal

The documentation for CRM Core has been updated on Now that the module has achieved a stable version, we have updated most of the information available about how to use it.

Go check it out. Read More >>>

CRM Core: First Stable Release is Live

By Michael Haggerty | Filed Under: CRM, CRM Core, Drupal

Today marks the first official, stable release for CRM Core.

Many thanks to all the people who helped test and shared ideas to bring together a stable release, this would not have been possible without all the support and feedback from the community. Read More >>>

Sprint Number Three - CRM Core Demo

By Matthew Saunders | Filed Under: CRM Core, Drupal

Last week was the third weekly sprint for the CRM Core Demo.

What did we accomplish in this past week?

  • The repository was moved from trellon to github to facilitate community involvement.
  • We created petition list for the online petition feature.
  • Contact petitions /crm/contact/%/activity/petitions which shows the Contact petitions.
  • We created a new field which will store Tags and started Petitions Primer view.
  • A project lead reviewed the online petition feature and news feature.