DrupalCamp Foz - New steps for Drupal in Latin America


Last week I attended LatinoWare 2011 in Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil, which also hosted, among a number of events, DrupalCamp Foz. There hasn't been a Drupalcamp in Brazil for some time already, so this was a really important event for the Drupal community in Brazil. The community is growing in Brazil and other Latin America countries. At the Drupalcamp, we had representatives from Peru, Argentina, Bolivia, and Mexico. We also had the presence of our dear Drupal creator, Dries Buytaert. Read More >>>

Drupalcamp Ireland


Three weeks ago, I attended the 6th Drupalcamp Ireland along with Martin Hrabovcin and Michael Haggerty. Together, we were there representing Trellon, which was a proud sponsor of the event.

Drupalcamp Ireland was held on the Trinity College campus over a weekend. Over 70 Drupalists showed up, and there were more than 20 sessions, ranging from introductory Drupal 101 to an advanced Drupal Security talk by a member of Drupal's security team.

It was an interesting time to be in Ireland, as the IMF probably arrived in the same planes as we did, but that didn't affect the mood of the Irish Drupal Community. Read More >>>

DrupalCamp Chicago: A Great Success!


We got back from DrupalCamp Chicago last week, flushed with success! Michael Haggerty ended up leading two sessions on CiviCRM, introducing it in depth to several of the conferencegoers. Our most recent developer hire, Kyle Cunningham, got to lead an unconference session on forms API as well. Personally, I was blown away by what he can do with that often cumbersome part of the Drupal interface. We're looking forward to being able to package some of his tricks into modules in the near future. Even my presentation was a success, despite some minor technical issues. Read More >>>

Gearing up for DrupalCamp Chicago


All of us at Trellon are getting excited for DrupalCamp Chicago in a couple of weeks. The presentations look really interesting: key technologies like Domain Access, CiviCRM, and Panels are all featured... and this Trellonaut in particular is looking forward to learning more about those incredibly powerful tools. Read More >>>

DrupalCamp Colorado

By John Snow | Filed Under: colorado, drupalcamp

The weekend of June 27th and 28th saw over 200 Drupalers, including myself, flock to Denver for the annual DrupalCamp Colorado. Trellon was proud to sponsor the event. The fact that number of attendees doubled since last year shows the growth and momentum surrounding Drupal. This year, the event was combined with an Ubercamp- a gathering of Ubercart developers and enthusiasts. Read More >>>