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Sharing Content with Domain Access

We were recently approached by a client who wanted to create two sites to serve different audiences but with vast amounts of common content. The same group of people would be responsible for the upkeep of both sites and the desired solution would allow content to be shared with great ease.

Teleport 1.0 Released

I've just released version 1.0 of the Teleport module. Teleport is "QuickSilver for Drupal", but if you don't know what QuickSilver is, that's not going to tell you much. Basically, Teleport lets you quickly jump to a page on your Drupal site by typing in part of the path or the title. It saves me a ton of time when jumping around to administration pages that are nested two or three levels deep.

How Trellon gave back to Drupal (April 2008)

As a well-known Drupal shop, Trellon continually strives to contribute back to the Drupal community in any way it can. Sometimes, we're just too busy, other times, we're just plain ol' lazy and, more often than not, Morbus is complaining about quality or apoptosis or whatever. By keeping track of what we give back, however, we hope to more clearly see how much we are, or aren't, helping Drupal help ourselves.

This month saw the release of two modules:


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