Activism module released!


Back in January I wrote about using Drupal as a tool to create decentralized online advocacy campaigns and the upcoming release of the Activism module. We

The Activism module is a framework which we hope will standardize the way in which online advocacy tools are built and deployed with Drupal based websites. The module comes packaged with three modules out of the box: Read More >>>

Get local : Decentralizing Online Advocacy with Drupal


Online advocacy techniques have evolved in sophistication over the years, but not in structure. From using geographic data to locate groups and events in your area to signing petitions and making pledges using Twitter, we have seen a great evolution. Nonetheless, we continue to operate in a very top-down manner: messages are generated at the organizational level and then pushed down to grassroots activists, who are asked to take action.

Another challenge for online advocacy, has been in the technology we use to implement online advocacy programs. Most systems available today, primarily CRM systems, perpetuate this top-down structure. Proprietary systems do not provide the ability to customize their functionality to fit a bottom-up model without costly custom development. This is where open source software, specifically Drupal, can be a strong tool in creating decentralized, grassroots advocacy campaigns run by activists working on the local level. Read More >>>