Looking ahead to Drupalcon Denver


With each week that DrupalCon Denver is coming nearer, the excitement in the community grows. At Trellon, we're not immune to that excitement, and we're proud to be a Platinum sponsor of Drupalcon Denver. We're looking forward to seeing members of the Drupal community there, both old friends and new. We're excited about the opportunity that Drupalcons give us not only to learn more about the direction of Drupal, but to help shape it. We're eager to learn what new and exciting things people around the world have been doing with Drupal. Read More >>>

We're Heading to Chicago, Care to Join Us?


Team Trellon is going to Drupalcamp Chicago this weekend, and we have an extra ticket. It doesn't have your name on it, yet... but it could.

If you can get yourself to Chicago (or are already there), and you want to join us, let me know. We might just have a ticket for you. Read More >>>

With Great Drupal Skills Come Great Responsibility


You've been working with Drupal since 4.x. You've attained a mastery of modules, a command of caching, and you build themes that make Chuck Norris weep openly. Now what?

We're giving a presentation about this question in the Drupalcon Sponsor's Corner this year. Think of it as the Trellon "now what?" session, where we help you answer that question. Read More >>>

Drupalcon Paris - Getting Results in Publishing


Greetings from Drupalcon Paris!

Today, September 4, 2009, from 2:30 to 3:30, Trellon will be presenting a session with Gary Love of Hearst Digitial News to talk about 29-95.com. This web site is an interesting example of what you can do with Drupal in publishing, and we are going to be providing a case study of how it came together, the technology behind it, and some of the business challenges the Houston Chronicle faced in conceptualizing and deploying the site. You can expect to receive slides and notes from the session on trellon.com afterwards. Michael Haggerty, Trellon's CEO and Chief Internet Strategist, and Marc Ingram, Trellon's Technical Lead, will be speaking along with Gary as part of the session. Read More >>>

Drupal Camp Alberta 2009


I just found out that Drupalcamp Alberta which is taking place from 10-11th July at Lethbridge University is open for registrations. If you are planning to attend why not contact the organisers and propose a session as slots are still available, there is already a growing speaker list including Leisa Reichelt from the Drupal 7 usability project. Read More >>>