Trellon sessions in Drupalcon's Chicago final day


Yesterday, Trellon had a great day here in Chicago, and we're very happy to announce another great line-up of Trellon sessions today.

We'll be hosting a BoF where Kyle Cunningham will get In Depth with Haml, Sass and Peroxide in the Arkansas Room starting at 1:00pm. This will be a followup to his session yesterday. Read More >>>

Trellon presentations at Drupalcon Chicago


Today is an exciting day for the Trellon Team at Drupalcon Chicago!

We'll be hosting a BoF on our recent developments with the Salsa module in the Huron Room starting at 11:00am.

After that, at 2:15pm Kyle Cunningham will talk about Haml, Sass and Peroxide, in the Chicago 10 room. Read More >>>

We're Heading to Chicago, Care to Join Us?


Team Trellon is going to Drupalcamp Chicago this weekend, and we have an extra ticket. It doesn't have your name on it, yet... but it could.

If you can get yourself to Chicago (or are already there), and you want to join us, let me know. We might just have a ticket for you. Read More >>>

Internet, the Trellonaut has Landed


When I was asked to write a blog post about myself I was surprised. Who doesn't know me? However, I figured that some may be uninitiated and figured it would be good idea to fill everyone in.

I'm Kyle Cunningham, Trellon's newest developer, master chef and mad scientist. While I am excited by the cooking opportunities, I'm even more excited about developing awesome websites, the likes of which Trellon is already well known for. It's an illustrious
reputation to live up to so I've supplied a brief history of myself:

We Work on the Internet, but Our Hearts Belong to Paris


It's been about a week since returning from Drupalcon Paris, and the consensus at Trellon is that we wish it never had to end. Many of the members of our team have been going to Drupalcons for a long time, and this was definitely one of the most memorable ones on record.

It was great getting to come out and support the community, and what a community it is these days! Being there, you got the sense of how much enthusiasm is building around Drupal, with so many people with different perspectives about what to do with the platform. While attendance was not as high as some previous events, that owed more to the venue than anything else, and you had the sense it made for a better experience. Read More >>>