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Creating Templates with the Interface Module

The forms Drupal automatically generates have always suffered from the 'silo' effect, where one form field is stacked on top of the other. This often presents a usability challenge for people operating the system, and generally requires some additional level of theming for developers in a really mature site.

Theming the User Registration Form in Drupal 6

When you are building an online community, one of your important jobs is to remove obstacles for users to sign up to create accounts. Drupal's user registration form, out of the box, is one of the simplest forms out there, and maybe that is why it is also one of the easiest things to overlook when building a site. By the time profile fields are added in, captchas are placed on the page, and other components have had their way with the fields that become part of it, the form can get rather messy and detract from the user experience.

Super-flexible forms in Drupal 5

It's common practice for theme function writers to give every div a class, so that it can be targetted by CSS. For us, this is especially important in forms, since our clients often ask us to lay out forms in complicated ways.

This was a problem in Drupal 5 (and earlier). Although form elements had ids, so specific elements could be accessed from Javascript and CSS, they are all encased in wrapper divs with class "form-item". This means there's no easy way to lay out a specific form item.

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