Looking for a Few Good People


Trellon (http://www.trellon.com) is looking to hire Developers and Lead Developers to work with our team of Drupal experts. Both positions play important roles in our delivery process, working with clients to build awesome web sites, CRM, social networking and mobile solutions.

Trellon works with non-profit, academic and socially responsible business clients to build thoughtful, effective solutions for tackling real world problems. If you enjoy the idea of working alongside a creative team of technologists who are passionate about social change and open source technology, this may be the right job for you.

Read the details about the positions and how to apply here:


http://www.trellon.com/explore/job-openings/lead-developer Read More >>>

Alan and Alan, Welcome to the Team


I would like to welcome a few new members to Team Trellon as permanent additions to our development unit.

We are fortunate enough to be adding not one, but two people named Alan in a single month. That is probably not a record, but it is nice to only have to learn one name. The similarities don't end there, however, and we are happy to be having two technolgists with a serious commitment to the open source community coming on board. Read More >>>

We're Hiring Again


There are days when it seems like my job is Head of HR instead of Chief Internet Strategist. Trellon is hiring developers and project managers again. Check out our jobs page to see the open positions. If you have previously applied with us, please feel free to apply again.

There are a few reasons why we are hiring you may want to know about. Read More >>>