Virtual CRM Core Code Sprints

By Matthew Saunders | Filed Under: CRM Core, Drupal, sprint

What is CRM Core?

CRM Core is a set of modules for managing contact records within a Drupal site, providing support for contacts, relationships and activities. It provides basic CRM system components and a framework for extending these components to build a custom system that will allow an organization to effectively meet their needs with respect to contact, relationship, and activity tracking.

What Does it do?

Out of the box CRM Core provides basic user interface to manage contacts, activities and relationships within the database. However, more importantly, it provides a set of common APIs to extend and build useful applications for your organization.

Designed to be extensible, CRM Core has been built with a pretty simple idea in mind: provide the basic tools everyone needs and avoid feature bloat. We really wanted to build something that can be used in the widest number of cases, without forcing people to deal with features they don't have a use for.

To that end, CRM Core is designed to allow people to build small, useful applications that are portable and can easily be shared just like the core modules. Using features, developers can easily export extensions to CRM Core to provide support for other ways of interacting with contacts. There are a number of features under development by Trellon, which we plan on releasing soon, and there are other developers in the community who are working with the core modules and plan for releases of their own.

Want to Help?

A Dev release of CRM Core is released to the community - you can grab a copy of the install profile on Github here: Trellon is holding a series of weekly virtual code sprints where we'll be extending and improving on it. You can join in now. Hang out in #drupal-crmcore and chat with the team about where you can help out. xcf33 and pingers in channel can direct you to specific tasks that need effort.

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