CRM Core - the First Sprints!

By Matthew Saunders | Filed Under: CRM Core, Drupal, sprint

Trellon ran its first two CRM Core sprints and we accomplished a lot. We really want CRM Core to be a project shared and owned by a community of people with aligned goals for a CRM framework. By hanging in the IRC channel #drupal-crmcore, we'll be able to share best practices and pitfalls to avoid.

We'll be setting up in the near future as an exchange of sorts for new Features that people think would be useful to others. If you want to sign up for more information, we've set up a mailing list.

What did we get done in that first sprint?

  • We resolved free event registration bugs.
  • We fixed up some Entity API related errors that cropped up since API changes.
  • We set sensible default config for Simplenews module in install profile.
  • We Fixed news block text.
  • Newsletter delivery was tested.
  • We added social media links on news pages.
  • We added RSS for news and blog.
  • Commerce errors on donation pages were resolved.
  • There was an issue where views were being enabled before fields when enabling features. Not any more.
  • We improved path consistency for events, blog and news.
  • All features need standard logic for paths - we did that.
  • Code style was standardized in the donation feature.
  • We merged subscription report feature into news to ensure features are self containing.
  • String fixes.
  • Free events were triggering an unnecessary product product synch. We fixed that.
  • We replaced the crm core module in repo with git submodule to make staying up to date and contributing upstream easier.

For the second sprint:

  • We fixed an fatal error when donation feature is enabled.
  • The donation path was moved to admin/crm/donation/config and crm/donation.
  • We made a default payment processor "Dummy" for donation feature.
  • A warning message message for live donation page when using "dummy payment processor" was created.
  • We included a default donation page that comes out of the box.
  • A menu link was added to the default donation page.
  • We performed coder clean up on existing crm core features.
  • The news subscribe block for logged in users was fixed.
  • We refactored crm core profile activity so ajax callback works for whole profile activity settings form.
  • We fixed an issue of not deleting activity profile record.
  • We fixed issues related to activity fields checkboxes in crm core profile activity form.
  • And finally, a problem with de-serialization was addressed.

You can grab a copy of the install profile on Github here: Trellon is holding a series of weekly virtual code sprints where we'll be extending and improving on it. You can join in now. Sign up on the mailing list and hang out in #drupal-crmcore!


No collaboration with

No collaboration with or am i missing something?

CRM Core is designed as a

CRM Core is designed as a framework on which you can build small useful applications. No two implementations of CRM Core will be the same. It will "ship" as a very lean package. In a few weeks a features exchange will be launched that will allow those using CRM Core to share these small useful applications.

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