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CRM Core is a set of modules for managing contact records within a Drupal site, providing support for contacts, relationships and activities. It provides the basic tools organizations need to effectively track the relationships they maintain with people, along with a framework for extending that support to handle other use cases.

Our team has been working on CRM Core the release of Drupal 7, keeping in mind the idea that Drupal now has the potential to be a lot more than a CMS. Originally started as a proof of concept, this set of modules has grown to become a solution we have used when working with groups that don't work well with traditional CRM approaches. Now that it is being used by a number of organizations, we wanted to share some information about the system and how you can put it to work as a solution for managing contact information.

What is it and What Does it Do?

A common challenge many organizations face is handling personal information collected over the web. While it's fine to simply store contact information in a table or email, these approaches don't really provide a lot of value to people looking to understand the way others work with their group over time. Sophisticated contact relationship management tools, called CRM systems, are commonly employed to centralize the collection of information about people interacting with an organization, and allow it to be presented in a useful form.

We prepared a video that demonstrates the basic tools that come with CRM Core, to showcase what you get out of the box when installing the modules.

In this video, Chang Xiao, one of Trellon's technical leads, shows many of the key features that exist in the platform. CRM Core ships with support for managing contact records, activities, and relationships, along with some basic search tools that can be refined using Views to accomodate more sophisticated reporting needs. All of these are shown in the video, along with some of the tools that are in place for customizing the system to create your own contact, activity and relationship types.

Why Doesn't It Support X Feature?

Designed to be extensible, CRM Core has been built with a pretty simple idea in mind: provide the basic tools everyone needs and avoid feature bloat. We really wanted to build something that can be used in the widest number of cases, without forcing people to deal with features they don't have a use for.

To that end, CRM Core is designed to allow people to build small, useful applications that are portable and can easily be shared just like the core modules. Using features, developers can easily export extensions to CRM Core to provide support for other ways of interacting with contacts. There are a number of features under development by Trellon, which we plan on releasing soon, and there are other developers in the community who are working with the core modules and plan for releases of their own.

For more information and getting involved with the project, please visit


Hi, I am currently building a


I am currently building a web community with the «common» features: profile with info, userp photo gallery, user relationships (module), Moneyscript module, forum, etc. The basics.

Profile_2 module is not yet 100% fonctionnal since it does not work with Panels and the user picture cannot be displayed using Views.

I'm not shure of understanding the purpose of CRM. Can this module, with crm_core_profile be used to build user profiles in a way they were made in D6? Does crm_profile work with roles, Views and Panels?

Thank you.

Hello, i have installed new


i have installed new drupal on my localhost and then installed CRM Core module. what i am able to see is when i opened module manager in drupal, there are few CRM core modules installed but i am not able to make them enabled.

could you please help me out to make CRM Core working. can you please tell me the installation process. you can email me on my email id.


Hi, I am currently building a


I am currently building a web community with the «common» features: profile with info, userp photo gallery, user relationships (module), Moneyscript module, forum, etc. The basics.ok

Would be great to have a

Would be great to have a video for developers that discusses how the module is put together, how we use entities, .. and how the module is extensible.

// Paul

I am new for CRM based

I am new for CRM based application. I have installed successfully CRM Core in my local machine.
Now I want to import Contacts from a csv/(other database) file.
if Any mechanism/modules is available for performing this task please help me.

I've downloaded it an I'm

I've downloaded it an I'm playing with it but I haven't really figured out how to make it more useful.

Could someone create a video where you start with the initial install and then build out a basic system. Maybe something that would allow me to receive a call from someone and immediately add them as a contact and then follow the process for sending them some info, calling them back and eventually making a sale.

Nothing fancy... even something as basic as Basecamp's Hirerise tool.

Hey, thanks for posting. I am

Hey, thanks for posting. I am testing the usability of crm_core for my needs. Just a quick question before I start. Is there a way to load an excel file of thousands of contact information into crm_core's contacts? This is critical for me.

Cheers !!

CRM Core Contact module

CRM Core Contact module integrates with the feeds module. I recommend exporting the contacts to csv and create a feeds importer to map columns from the csv to crm core contact fields. Hope this helps.

I am not familiar with feed,

I am not familiar with feed, yet. It does seem like what I need. I'll check it out. Thanks!

thanks !!! feeds works like a

thanks !!!
feeds works like a charm

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