Presentation on Interface module at tomorrow's Washington DC Drupal Meetup


Tomorrow I will be doing a presentation at the Washington DC Drupal Meetup on the Interface module and what it means for improved usability in Drupal. If you have not heard of this project we have been working on yet, you can read Michael's recent blog posts and view the screencast demo. If you are interested in learning more, come on out and see the demonstration.

Here are the details about tomorrow's event:

Monday, April 6th from 7:00pm to 9:00 pm EST
Stetson's Bar and Restaurant
1610 U Street NW, Washington DC

Visit the Washington DC Drupal Group to find out more about the event and other presentations that will be taking place.


Moot point. Drupal 7 will

Moot point. Drupal 7 will have an ovrhauled editing interface (and other interfaces) that won't jive with this style of manipulation. It will be more tab-based.

Hmmm... actually, I have

Hmmm... actually, I have already been playing around with D7, and the Interface module appears to be mostly compatible with it as is.

Interface works at a couple of levels. On the one hand, you have the AJAX drag and drop interface for form elements. We have built in an API to handle common Drupal-style interface elements, like expandable fieldsets, and this can easily be extended to handle things like vertical tabs.

On the other hand, you have the form api. Interface does a couple of low-level transformations to form arrays before they are rendered, to handle the placement and manipulation of form elements. There are a few differences in the forms api that need to be accounted for, which I am pretty well aware of and plan on getting to when the module is ready to be ported to D7.

These are the major changes that will need to happen in order to get everything to work. I have seen form builder and Interface is designed to do a few things it doesn't do (for that matter, form builder does a few things Interface will never do). But no, unless there is some major new D7 feature not present in any of the recent builds that has not been discussed widely, I don't believe there is anything 'moot' about Interface.


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