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Debugging Drupal with MacGDBp

Confession time. I don't use an IDE (Integrated Development Enviroment) for Drupal development. Sometimes, I kind of wish I did because having all of the development tools in one place is great; but all of the IDEs I've tried for my platform (I'm a OS X user) try to change the way I work, lack key PHP features, or are incredibly slow. And I really like TextMate. Thankfully I've found a great PHP debugger for OS X called MacGDBp and, at least for me, the chances of switching to an IDE continue to dwindle.

Alegent Health

So you've read that Trellon does work with a platform called Drupal, and that we build sites for various businesses and political organizations that want to make use of new "social" technologies to connect with their clients, and connect their clients with each other. But this sounds pretty abstract, and "social networking" sounds like something that bored teenagers do anyway?

All's Quiet on Trellon's Blog

There's been relative quiet on the Trellon blog for the past few weeks, in part because we have been so busy. I guess it goes with along the game, but something that always gets to me is the idea that our little social media firm has to hunker down so much when proposals, travel, taxes, and the administrivia of running a company take precedence over other aspects of the company's operations.

Daily quality control checks with Coder

I'm known, famously or infamously, for my code quality reviews and, whilst I don't get enough time to perform the same anal-retentive behavior at Trellon, I've streamlined checks of the most egregious errors with daily e-mailed reports using Coder and Drush. Drush allows you to operate your Drupal site from the command line, while Coder is a friendly "do it right, bub" for code quality.

Getting things installed and configured

Sharing Content with Domain Access

We were recently approached by a client who wanted to create two sites to serve different audiences but with vast amounts of common content. The same group of people would be responsible for the upkeep of both sites and the desired solution would allow content to be shared with great ease.

Online Event Management: Rounding Out the Corners

Online event registration has always proved tricky for website developers. Even with the rise of social media, capturing information from participants has always been subject to the nuanced details of organizing events in the real world. How many people are allowed to attend? Do people have to pay to get in? Where am I storing the information we collect so it is most useful to event organizers? These kinds of questions lead to very specific, focused solutions within open-source event management systems, and make it difficult to address the needs of general audiences.

Keeping Up with the Joneses: Activity Aggregation in Drupal

Facebook's newsfeed feature introduced social network users to continuous updates of news about the goings-on in the lives of their friends and contacts. Activity aggregators have turned out to be a pretty useful feature for social networking sites, and can even be a little addictive when done right. Most sites that bill themselves as a social or professional network now have some kind of newsfeed, friend feed, lifestream or other feed.


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