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Discussing D7 at October’s DrupalDC Meetup

This week's DrupalDC meetup still brought in about two dozen members despite the fact that many government offices were closed for Columbus Day. Most DrupalDC meetups feature lightning talks about various topics, but yesterday’s meetup was a conversational one which focused entirely on Drupal 7, which was just released in beta. Drupal 7 still has several critical issues, around 6 or 8 right as of the meetup, but that number could go up as more module developers try to upgrade and come across incompatibility issues with D7.

Drupal Development on a Global Scale

Trellon is a virtual environment where “the office” is an internet chat room, and the team is spread across physical locations including Washington DC, California, Paris, and Australia. It’s a working environment that presents unique challenges. How do we maintain code standards? Coordinate teams of developers? Provide general oversight of projects? To succeed we’ve leveraged powerful open source tools and created rigorous processes for developing world class Drupal websites, and at Drupalcon Copenhagen this August we will share these practices with you!

It's Earth Day and We Need a Nap


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