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April NYC Drupal Meetup

Come meet with members of our team in Manhattan. Trellon is going to be at the New York Drupal Meetup tonight, April 8, 2009. On the agenda for this evening is a Drupalcon DC wrapup, information about IRC bots, and a chance to socialize with other Drupal developers.


In just over a week I will be presenting at the Calgary Open Source Systems Festival (COSSFEST) on how to create Web 2.0 websites using Drupal. COSSFEST is a two day event featuring multiple speaking tracks and workshops demonstrating the use of Open Source to lower costs, and increase the capabilities and competitiveness of your business. Beginning in 2006 as an effort by the Calgary Linux Users Group and was called the "Calgary LinuxFest 2006".

Presentation on Interface module at tomorrow's Washington DC Drupal Meetup

Tomorrow I will be doing a presentation at the Washington DC Drupal Meetup on the Interface module and what it means for improved usability in Drupal. If you have not heard of this project we have been working on yet, you can read Michael's recent blog posts and view the screencast demo. If you are interested in learning more, come on out and see the demonstration.

Adding New Fields to File Uploads

Handling file uploads have always been a bit of a challenge with Drupal. Uploads work, so long as you want them to work exactly the way they have been implemented through CCK or the upload module. Changing this default functionality, in versions going back to 4.6, has always been something of a pain, involving hacks to core or building one-off upload fields to handle things the way you want.


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