Contact Relationship Management (CRM) systems allow organizations to collect data about their constituents and partners into a centralized database in order to track their interaction and engagement over time and build more meaningful relationships. Making that information available online so teams can share and collaborate is one of the great advances in Web 2.0 technology.

Trellon delivers web-based CRM solutions that can integrate directly with content management systems. We create environments where organizations can track all their communications with contacts, and implement thoughtful solutions geared towards supporting the actual business processes in place. If your organization relies on letter writing campaigns, phone banks, email blasts, and other forms of outreach to conduct business, our team of internet strategists can help you determine the right solution for your organization based on features, budget and time to implement.

Building integrated eCRM solutions that operate as part of your website is one of Trellon's core competencies. We have integrated Drupal with CiviCRM, SugarCRM, Salesforce, NGP, Raiser's Edge, Democracy in Action, eTapestry, Donor Perfect, Sage Systems and many others. eCRM solutions allow users visiting your site to self-maintain contact information, register for events, send online donations, volunteer with your organization, purchase products and more. We help organizations is by defining the strategy for how the site will operate, generating the plan for how to implement the tools which will be present, and building the features out in a manner that best matches your organization's internal business processes.


CiviCRM is an open source contact relationship management system that works particularly well with Drupal. Designed by non-profits for non-profits, the system provides a range of features for managing fundraising efforts, email blasts, event registration, organizational membership, grants and more. Best of all, the system actually works - some of the organizations using CiviCRM include Amnesty International, the WikiMedia Foundation, and other large, high-profile organizations.

Trellon can develop highly customized CiviCRM solutions that add new features and scale to handle the needs of large data sets. We have implemented CiviCRM in some demanding situations, and scaled the system to handle as many as 3 million contact records. Contact us to talk about your CRM needs.

Reporting and Metrics

Sometimes, the challenge is not building a new system, but implementing an effective system of metrics for understanding how your organization is operating. A major challenge some groups face is implementing combined metrics that incorporate data from both their content management and contact relationship management systems. For all of the things it does great, one of the major limitations of CiviCRM is the fact that it can only generate reports in Excel format.

Trellon is here to help, and building reporting and metrics solutions is another of our core competencies. From one-off reports that only need to be accessed every once in a while to more elaborate, ad-hoc reporting tools, we have delivered a variety of solutions over the years to help our clients manage information about the operations more effectively. Trellon works with a variety of tools for building reporting systems, most commonly delivering them as web-based dashboard interfaces featuring drill-down capabilities. We also have implemented Jasper Reports and BIRT as reporting tools for our clients, developing systems for generating custom metrics on the fly that include charts and graphs and are properly formatted for internal and external distribution. Solutions can become quite elaborate to meet demanding needs, and you can give us a call to talk about it.