4 out of 5 Americans carry a cell phone, the majority of which can send and receive SMS and browse the wireless web. Mobile device coverage is expanding, and your web strategy should be capable of keeping up.

Mobile devices offer owners a range of options for interacting online that were unavailable even a couple years ago. 9 out of every 10 mobile phones in the US and Europe are Internet enabled and allow users to send SMS messages or browse the Internet. Text messaging, ringtones, photos, voice and data applications, and mobile update services are becoming increasingly popular methods for people to communicate. Nearly 2/3rds of domestic cell phone users have sent SMS messages in the last 30 days, and the medium is becoming a popular way for people to keep up to date with the things that are important in their lives.

Mobile content also tends to be trusted more by users than traditional forms of communication. Whereas only a fraction of email sent is ever opened, SMS messages enjoy a 90% open rate and have been used successfully in all sorts of political and marketing campaigns to keep users up to date and enable offline action. 30% of Americans use mobile phones as their primary means of placing and receiving calls, and the number of tasks carried out on mobile devices will increase as time goes on.

Drupal Mobile Strategies

Trellon builds mobile solutions for websites and we have been helping organizations develop their mobile strategy for years. We have built websites capable of receiving information over the phone through VoiceXML services for users, along with automated workflow systems that allow calls to be published online. We have built sites that send SMS alerts to user's mobile phones when new content is published using the same platform used to publish other content online.

Every site we build can be enabled to deploy mobile content. Drupal's flexible architecture and template system allows us to repurpose content in a form factor suitable for mobile browsing. Users can send mobile updates and submit content from their cell phone using the same content management tools used for publishing other information on their web site. Every Drupal site can include the ability to deploying content to mobile phones, send and receive text messages, distribute downloadable materials such as mobile applications and ringtones, and more. In general, the cost to add a mobile version of your site is between 10% and 15% of the total price for the project. We can develop applications for popular platforms such as the iPhone, Blackberry and Sidekick devices, and have experience with other platforms as well.