Internet users are not known for their patience, and your site can rapidly lose value for visitors if key features are not working properly. Support options for open source products are as robust as their commerical equivalents, ranging from simple network monitoring to complete enterprise level support.

Trellon offers support plans as an optional component of every client project we deliver. We tend to be very flexible about the terms, and clients typically use our services for gradual enhancements to their sites, emergency responses to issues as they arise, network monitoring, metric analysis and ongoing strategy services. As a client, you have the ability to work with our team using the same online trouble ticket and development resources you have available during a full project for as long as you choose to work with us.

Under a Trellon support plan, you have guaranteed access to technical leads and internet strategists who are part of your project team for a set number of hours a month. Payment is offered either on an hourly, as-needed basis or as a flat rate for a set number of hours per month for a given term.

Hosting Support

When hosting support is needed, Trellon works with a variety of partners to provide scalable, dependable solutions that provide guaranteed uptime and known good environments. Our preferred hosting partner is Rackspace, with whom we regularly engage to provide dedicated servers and cloud hosting solutions. Rackspace's 100% uptime guarantee has nearly eliminated the long, lonely nights our technical staff once spent trying to figure out where servers went to and we strongly recommend them for clients who run the risk of significant downside from network outages. We also work with the people at Workhabit to provide enterprise-level cloud hosting, and are in the process of deploying several high-traffic sites with them. So far, we are impressed.

Hosting support involves a lot more than handing off code and expecting it to run. In combination with a Trellon support plan, we can set up network monitoring equipment to keep continual logs of the operational state of servers for use in troubleshooting and analysis. Our developers can act as principle maintainers of network equipment, performing proactive steps to ensure the operational quality of servers and performing analysis to track down bottlenecks and determine opportunities for corrective action. We are very fond of Hyperic and Cacti for remote network monitoring, and are able to use these tools effectively to monitor servers and perform root cause anaylsis in the event of a service interruption.

Technical Support

Trellon is an Acquia Gold Partner and we are able to provide technical support solutions which are appropriate for mid-level and enterprise clients. We recommend Acquia's Basic Subscription at a minimum for every site we deliver, which offers uptime monitoring, site usage statistics, automated spam blocking, remote cron activation, and update notifications to sites that use them.

For clients with enterprise level technical support needs, Acquia offers premium subscriptions that deliver commercial grade technical support to ensure sites stay operational 24x7 and meet their service level requirements. Acquia's team of experienced and knowledgeable Drupal support engineers is available when you need them to answer technical questions, troubleshoot and resolve issues, and extend your in-house Drupal expertise. Premiums subscription options includea web-based ticket system, access to email and/or phone support, and 24x7 emergency response coverage - enabling you to deploy and operate your Drupal sites with confidence.